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About Us



London School of Economics graduate and Ex-Army Officer, Sandhurst Military Academy.


Having spent many years travelling the world my passion for new adventures has only increased. Nothing is quite so exciting as discovering a new country ...... or a new place within a country you thought you knew well. 

"Being born and brought up in Italy until the age of 12, then moving to England to continue my studies, probably started my nomadic tendencies."

I have always loved to travel, to experience new cultures and learn about their history.  What I find most gratifying is sharing this passion with others. 

This is slow travel.... we believe that less is more! We carefully  'cherry pick' sites and excursions to showcase the best and to avoid repetition.

This is bespoke travel... all our trips include stays at excellent hotels, lodges and camps.



Freelance Graphic Designer - Does all the techie stuff!

"Being a forces child and having lived in many countries made me realise early on that I wanted to travel and see the world."


Not content with what England had to offer, I saved up enough money to buy myself a 'round the world' ticket.

Working for Smithsonian Institute in Egypt, and UNICEF in Hong Kong, helped finance my travels. 

We are truly ALL inclusive ... our trips include all meals, excursions and internal transport. No HIDDEN EXTRAS!

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Our Vision

To really experience a country and all it has to offer in a short space of time is always a difficult balance to achieve, but we feel that our trips provide a comprehensive taste of each region without compromise.

Susannah and Anthony


People who share our Vision:

Anglo-Australian couple Mick and Jackie Parsons have been running their small-group guided gourmet hiking tours across Italy since 2007.  They are passionate about three things:  food, wine and walking and their tours reflect their love of the Italian landscape, its regional culinary traditions and its wonderful and varied wines. They offer all-inclusive itineraries from May to October in Tuscany, Umbria, Abruzzo, the Italian Lakes and Alps, Piedmont, Basilicata and over the border into France and Slovenia. 

For more details see or contact

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Born and raised in Auronzo di Cadore, in the heart of the Dolomites.  After graduating from the University of Verona in Foreign Languages and Tourism Management, Anna left the mountains to live and work abroad to improve her languages. After travelling and living abroad for a few years the mountains were calling and Anna returned for good to dedicate herself to her passion, and the Dolomites very soon became her open-air office. Anna is a qualified International Mountain Leader, Tour Leader, Tour Consultant and Travel Director and offers treks and tours in the Dolomites, Italy. Being a true local she will give you an authentic experience of her beloved mountain region and stunning it is!

For more details see or contact 

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