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Hopeful for Travel in 2022 and Beyond

Well what a crazy and unexpected past two years we have had! Nothing could have prepared us for the pandemic and unfortunately it has hit the travel industry particularly hard. Certain viable and thriving sectors (not acknowledge by Mr Sunak!) have been ravaged including the nighttime economy, bars, theatres, nightclubs and of course Tourism. Tourism alone brings in millions and feeds into a multitude of businesses from airlines, foreign exchange to taxis, bars, hotels and theatres and directly and indirectly generated around 3.96 million jobs in the UK in 2019-20, but apparently we are not worth saving! Anyway rant over. The fact that we are a small company with little overheads has meant that we can just about keep our heads above water (for now). Meanwhile we are currently working in different jobs to ride out the unpredictability that is Covid-19. That all said we are fairly optimistic for later on in this year. We have seen a high demand for trips from April onwards and trips are filling up fast. The fact that we are keeping things as flexible as possible and working with our suppliers to hold off payments allows us to be able to plan for all possibilities.

We have contracted rooms and have all our guides and ground handlers on "standby". There is pent up demand and many of you (and us) are desperate to get out exploring the world around us again.

One of the positive side-effects of the pandemic has been that the skies and air quality has been the clearest and cleanest in the valley of Kathmandu for more than 30 years - apparently the views of the Himalayas from Kathmandu city have been spectacular.


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